Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Empties #2!

Hey ladies and gents! 

Or maybe not so much gents, haha.

Long, loooong time since I've posted on here AGAIN and I blame..., um, everyone else but me because I'm a stubborn brat.

That seems easier. Anyways, I've recently realized I should have a sufficient amount of garbage collected for another empties video, which will now be the second on I've made on the good ole YouTube.

I love these videos just because, it shows not only what you've been purchasing, and repurchasing, but also how you honestly feel about the product after you've completely used it up. Or in my case for a couple of products, how long I could last using something I hated before I said, "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP PRODUCT" and add it to my empties bag just to rant about it to you guys :)

I'll link the video below here as usual, otherwise I hope you guys have been doing as wonderfully as I have been, and that life has been great for you guys now that spring is finally approaching! WHOOP WHOOP!


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