Monday, March 18, 2013

March Birchbox and Ipsy Bag!

Okay, sooo, I've been MIA for awhile now. I am so so sorry to anyone who keeps up with me on YouTube or on here! I've just been slacking I suppose.

Life has been crazy. I had a video go viral called the "Sad Packer Fan" last January, basically I video taped my sister who was crying hysterically after the Packers lost in a playoff game, and then on a whim I added it onto YouTube and it went viral the next day! Then got a message from VW this past January asking if they could use it a commercial. Well, ever since then, life has been busy. We got flown out to LA a couple weeks later, filmed a Volkswagen commercial and then it was aired before the Superbowl game. CRAZY. Anyways, then after all of that happened I met an amazing new fella who I haven't been able to be apart from since I met him. Life has just been really good lately and I haven't had a day like today where I can just sit in front of my laptop, write a blog post and edit a video. I'm very, very sorry. I will try to get better with this!

Here's the commerical!:

My sisters the one crying about the sparkles and in a cheesehead in the commercial! The version they aired had her in it longer, but I can't find the link right now :(

So! Back to beauty. Because, beauty is life, right? ;)

I got my Birchbox for this month, even though I slacked with last months, I thought no matter what, I'm filming a video for this months subscriptions. 

I have to say, Birchbox blew me away this month. I enjoyed Ipsy as well, but wow. The expensive, deluxe sized products it has were just awesome.

I didn't take pictures of each item like I have in the past but I'll include the video I made on the products I got so you guys can see what I got.

Totally loving everything I got this month, way to go Ipsy and Birchbox!!!

WOOOO! Love you guys, have a great day!