Sunday, December 23, 2012

My December Birchbox, Ipsy Bag, & Julep!

So, I got all my monthly subscriptions for December and I thought it would be easy to just sit down and do all of them in one video. Do you guys like that idea? I just think it's easier.

Anyways, here is what I got! Watch now!:

So, my Birchbox gets a B, it was just again, underwhelming and bored me to be honest. I never get overly excited about their boxes anymore. They just aren't like Ipsy.

My Ipsy Bag gets an A, it included Urban Decay for crying out loud!!!

And, with Julep, you already know what you're getting so I'm in love with this box. It's the best nail polish purchase I've made in awhile! Totally worth the money and you guys should go check it out NOW! here: and get your first box for a penny! Like, whoa, a penny!

Also, sign up for Birchbox!: 

And Ipsy

xoxo, Megs

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