Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Camcorder And HAUL! WOO!

Yes I got a new camcorder, it is the Sony HDR-PJ260V. It is extremely nice, I'm still getting used to it though. However, I do wish it came with some sort of built in light so taking pictures was easier and filming videos. Anyways it finally came so I had the chance to film with it instantly because I wanted to film a haul video with a ton of stuff I had purchased in the past couple of weeks! Watch it here!!

Want to go to the sites I talked about? Here's Shoplately's, again, best jewelry EVER
And for Sigma brushes, you get a free gift when you spend over $30, plus you can get 10% off until the end of September if you enter SB2012 at the checkout :)

Hope you guys are lovely! ;) xoxo

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