Friday, August 10, 2012

August's Birchbox!

WOOOO, it's here again! Is it already that time of the month? Okay, now it sounds like I'm talking about my period, haha. ANYWAYS, YAY! 

(Not about the period thing..)

So, the first thing I noticed was the razor by Schick, yes it is kind of random but all of us girls (well...most) always shave, so it's practical, and I loooove the razors with the strips of moisturizer. I will be putting that to use and it came with a coupon attached to the back which I am very interested in. 

Then I saw what I think is a full sized product by Pixi Beauty, it's their Lip & Line in the color Bare Berry. It is a very intense dark berry color but I really like the lip liner when used lightly, it really helps to make your lips look a lot fuller, even if you're not going to use the lipstick part. Very impressed with the size of this product because Pixi is not a cheap brand at all! 

I got Miss Jessie's Original Stretch Silkening Creme, which you add to damp hair to give you nice curls and shine. I really hope this stuff works because I'm in desperate need of a nice hair curling hair product! My crazy hair is out of control when I let it air dry au natural. 

Then for the more sample sized products I got a perfume sample by Juicy Couture called Viva la Juicy La Fleur and another sample by Yu-Be, which was a moisturizing cream that has many uses. 

So, all in all impressed yet again, I'm thinking all the people who unsubscribed should really be kicking themselves now, these bags and boxes are always so fun and awesome! What did you guys get???


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