Thursday, July 26, 2012

Urban Decay Palette Purchases!

I went a little eyeshadow crazy, I don't know what has gotten into me with eye shadows lately but I just CANNOT get enough. I blame YouTube ;) I see a lot of beauty gurus doing tutorials with certain palettes and usually I'm not too interested, but then I saw different ones with these two:

                                             (Above, Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV)

                                (Above, the beautiful Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette)

Okay, now I'm really not over exaggerating when I say, these are the nicest eyeshadow palettes I have ever bought. WAY smoother than the Naked palettes and even MAC's eye shadows, which coming from me, really mean something. They're all sooo buttery and pigmented. So whatever they did to this new formula, it is WORKING! I think out of both palettes there were about three total that I really didn't care for and didn't swatch well but I'll add a picture of each color below, starting with the Book Of Shadows IV:

                                                                      ^Blue Bus^
                                           ^Gunmetal^ (one of the smoothest in the palette)
                                                         ^Hijack^ (not too pigmented)
                                                               ^Midnight Cowgirl^
                                                                 ^Midnight Rodeo^
                                                     ^Crystal^ (worst pigmentation of ALL)
                                                           ^Skimp^ (not too pigmented)
                                                                     lastly, ^Zephyr^

Overall this palette is AMAZING. Seriously some of these left my mouth agape because of the quality, not to mention it comes with a waterproof liquid eyeliner as you can see in the first couple of pictures, a Supercurl Curling Mascara, and a mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Also as I state in my YouTube video here: 

It also comes with ideas, that you can plug into your computer or get off of your phone by scanning a code! And just a side note, this palette has 16 shades, the 15th Anniversary palette has 15. But a very awesome palette and as you can tell, I highly suggest it.

Now to the 15th Anniversary Palette swatches:

                                                                 ^Midnight Rodeo^
                                                   ^Deeper^ (HOLY PIGMENTATION!!)
                                                                    ^Midnight 15^
                                                  ^Junkshow^ (HOLY PIGMENTATION)
                                                       ^Ace^ (HOLY PIGMENTATION)
                                                      ^Evidence^  (Just okay pigmentation)
                                                         ^Blackout^ (Poor pigmentation)
                                                                 ^Deep End^ (Gorgeous!)
                                                                        ^Half Truth^

All in all, I am blown away by the packaging, it is absolutely gorgeous. There were a couple of colors that I thought could be more pigmented but I would buy this palette over and over again. Some of the colors are the smoothest things I've ever touched, which is most likely because this is their new formula. Also, as I said before, the packaging is just fantastic, it also actually has a little lip near the bottom right hand corner which you can pop open and use the package however you'd like once your eyeshadow is gone. It is limited edition so I'm not sure there are much available anymore but if you can get your hands on one of these palettes for a good price, I would definitely get it. The only draw back is that it didn't come with anything like almost all palettes from Urban Decay do, but oh well, this is still my new favorite!

And again, check out the video I posted before the 15th Anniversary Palette! THANKS FOR READING AND MAYBE WATCHING ;)

xoxo, Megs.

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