Thursday, July 5, 2012

How To Spot Counterfeit MAC

I'm all about bargains just like the next girl, I've just recently started my MAC collection and I'll hear people talk about a certain eyeshadow color they have but it's discontinued or a limited edition color. So what do I do? I Google it and try to find it, usually resulting in buying things off eBay, well, not anymore. I received my first counterfeit item from the internet, since I have plenty of MAC eye shadows, now, it was easy to spot, however this seller seems to have a lot of other people fooled. First of all I tried to purchase MAC's Knight Divine, and this one was the cheapest, even in the pot. There was my first red flag. They had a ton of positive reviews and such and had a nice picture, so I was sold. I got it in the mail today and this is what it looked like:
It doesn't even say Knight Divine! They couldn't even go through that much trouble! And what is the A18 underneath? Anyone in their right mind should know this is a fake. The actually pot it came in looked pretty legit, but when compared to other pots, it definitely had minor differences. I'll now insert a picture of a real one (I apologize about the magnet on the back):
It doesn't state the finish like every MAC eyeshadow does or anything, just very very poorly done on their part. Just be careful when buying anywhere other than MAC, there are so many counterfeit makeup items sold everywhere, it's really scary. If you're going to spend the money, spend it there! I know I learned my lesson. 


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