Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fourth Of July Nails!

So I'm a little over excited to have some fun with my nails this week so today, while being extremely bored, I took the time to do this...

Basically I started with just wanting to paint my nails red...then an hour later boredom struck and I thought, "why not attempt to spice them up??", so I took some labels, cut then into tiny pieces and made little strips making sure to leave room for the stars. So I took a very fine tipped white nail polish, let them sit for maybe 15-20 minutes and then I had my stripes! Then just carefully added a blue square, waited for that to dry, and add glitter to top it off!! 

I love them and think they're adorable. Then, for my nails, this won't be exactly what I'll wear for the fourth because my nails are awful and don't hold polish very well so I'll spice them up more than this, but I got this polish with my subscription to Julep, LOVE IT!!! Check Julep out here:

I have got SO many compliments on these nails! Hope you guys enjoy and have a great holiday! xoxo.