Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May's MyGlam Bag

 Okay so I'm a little behind on showing you guys what I got in this months MyGlam Bag, but I got two new MyGlam makeup brushes, I think the one on the far left is meant to be a concealer brush and the one next to it on the right is an eyeliner brush, not sure how you could use either one for those purposes but mehhh. Then I got some trashy Nail Blings? Yeah..I'm 22 years old, not sure I'll be sporting those anytime soon. I also got a Studio Gear lipstick in Rose Impressionist, which I swatched below:

It's quite pigmented but I honestly think I look silly with any kind of lipstick on, it's just not really my thing but I know lots of other people love lipstick so I'm sure people were happy with this. Last and DEFINITELY least, I got a dummy dumb dumb perfume sample, yet again, blah, garbage, it's called Love Sweet Love by Philosophy, which I do love Grace from them but not this, yucky. Otherwise this bag was alright, I kept the cute lips bag it all came in and am now using it in my makeup case, LOVE the bags they always come in. xo.

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