Thursday, May 10, 2012

May's Birchbox!

Alright, there is nothing that makes me more excited than when I see my Birchbox or Myglam Bag comes in the mail, I literally drop everything. 

So what I got today was, first of all, a little forest green headband from Twistband, it's alright, kinda thin and I thought maybe they could have picked a cooler color or a thicker one at least but, oh well, it'll be worn until it breaks..which feels like that could be any moment. Yes, I'm being a snarly brat.

Then I got a perfume sample called Arquiste, yuck, as I've said before, I hate perfume samples, I will be throwing this away, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, MyGlam and Birchbox, stop giving us free, yes, free, worthless perfume samples. 

Next, I got a Beautyblender Cleanser, which was pretty exciting, pretty small however, but I'll be using this little baby!

 Then I got a Color Club mini nail polish in Disco Nap, haha, odd name! I love what I see so far, I haven't tried it on yet, nor do I have a color like this, until nowww, wooooo! 

Lastly, I got a Dr. Jart+ (Dr. Fart, what..?) Waterfuse BB Cream, I have really wanted to try a BB cream so this made me really excited but there is probably only enough for my face once in there, I tried so hard to get the product out, that was pretty disappointing. 

All in all this was a pretty decent Birchbox, I just feel like they really, really, showed that you're spending $10, so you're really going to get about $10 worth of products. What did you guys think?

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