Monday, March 26, 2012

Lush Haul!!!

THANK YOU UPS MAN! You made this gal verrrry happy today! ;)

 I've just recently started trying Lush products, starting with their Lip Scrub in Bubblegum and their Lip Balm to go with it in Whipstick. After loving those products I went on YouTube and checked some of my favorite gurus Lush hauls and kinda came up with this random compilation of products! SOOO, I got a free sample of their Sexy Peel, Zesty Soap, it smells SO amazing. Then I got something for my wonderful bath time pictured in the bright pink called, Happy Blooming. Then I decided to try Grease Lightning to kind of help with my acne spots and maybe to prevent them in the future as well, we'll see how that goes. And to keep my cuticles healthy I got Lemony Flutter, this also smells sooo amazing. And then for hair care, for my blonde hair, I was told Daddyo would be a good route for a shampoo, we'll see how I like that as well, and Retread for a conditioner. And then last but not least, It's Raining Men, which is a nice shower gel, all of which I just got today and haven't been able to fully try yet. I am so excited though and almost kissed my UPS man.

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